The Groupe EREN : spearheading new renewable energy projects across the world

Based in Luxembourg and Paris, the Groupe EREN is specialized in renewable energy development. The group is composed of two entities, EREN Industries and EREN Renewable Energy, which is increasingly focused on less mature energy markets in the developing world. As the company is capable of implementing power generation projects from construction through to project […]

POLYSORB® ID: a bio-based plasticizer for land and sea!

Industries around the world are constantly on the look-out for ways to reduce their carbon footprint and generally shift to a more eco-friendly approach. Products such as Polysorb can play a vital role in burnishing a business’ green credentials, together with bio-based plasticizer Polysorb ID. Polysorb is made from sorbitol, a derivative of starch. It’s […]

MSC Divina returns from his second set of sea trials

The cruise ship MSC Divina returned yesterday morning at St. Nazaire. He had left the day before the Loire estuary for a second series of sea trials during the first season of 12 to 15 April, STX France  engineers, where it was built, had found a brief heating on one of the two shafts of […]

The new behemoth of Subsea 7 reaches the Netherlands

Designed to work offshore in very deep water, the Seven Borealis, new flagship of Subsea 7, arrived in Rotterdam where it will be finished before being delivered to its owner. Built by the Sembawang shipyards in Singapore, the ship was originally commissioned by Nordic Heavy Lift Company, then was taken over by Subsea 7, which […]

Meyer Werft cutting the first plate of the Norwegian Getaway

Barely a week after laying the keel of the Norwegian Breakaway, May 4, Meyer Werft German yards were set yesterday cutting the first metal of its sister ship, the Norwegian Getaway. These two ships, commanded by the American company NCL, will be the biggest in the history of German yards. Having a gauge of 140,000 […]

Hamburg: Focus on the international maritime center

This month, the Higher Institute of Maritime Economy (ISEMAR) dwells on the great German port of Hamburg. Eclipsed by the time a Benelux ports, Hamburg reconquered, over the years, a prominent place in the north European port complex. The reopening of the economies of Eastern Europe and trade growth have made China forge ahead Hamburg, […]