Reward the soldiers with customized medals

Customized medals: a great way to commemorate and reward

Customized medals are still a popular way of marking special occasions, recognizing excellence and loyalty and promoting businesses, other organizations and even cities, regions and countries. Customized medals in corporate and public settings There is a very ancient tradition of using medals to reward and recognize bravery or other forms of good conduct. Military decorations […]

Shipbuilding - Marine engineering

Marine industry

Marine industry and shipbuilding are generally concentrated in the port areas of the country. Marine industry activities include all the aspects related to port facilities in infrastructure and other shipbuilding. Shipbuilding or marine engineering is for its part, reserved exclusively for shipyards which are large companies with regard to ships freight (cargo ships, container ships, […]

Hamburg: Focus on the international maritime center

This month, the Higher Institute of Maritime Economy (ISEMAR) dwells on the great German port of Hamburg. Eclipsed by the time a Benelux ports, Hamburg reconquered, over the years, a prominent place in the north European port complex. The reopening of the economies of Eastern Europe and trade growth have made China forge ahead Hamburg, […]