POLYSORB® ID: a bio-based plasticizer for land and sea!

POLYSORB® ID: a bio-based plasticizer for land and sea!

Industries around the world are constantly on the look-out for ways to reduce their carbon footprint and generally shift to a more eco-friendly approach. Products such as Polysorb can play a vital role in burnishing a business’ green credentials, together with bio-based plasticizer Polysorb ID. Polysorb is made from sorbitol, a derivative of starch. It’s entirely safe with regard to human contact, opening up multiple applications for its use as a component in the production of PVC resins and thermoplastics. Made by Roquette, a French-based company which has extensive experience in plant-based polymers, Polysorb Isosorbide and Polysorb ID are suitable for use in a wide range of different manufacturing and service sectors. These include:



  • The construction industry (flooring, other indoor surfaces)
  • The maritime sector (instrument panels, inflatable rafts)
  • Education (school furniture)
  • The leisure industry (children’s toys)
  • Packaging


Isosorbide: improving performance in all aspects of plastics!

Roquette’s Polysorb Isosorbide is not just a more sustainable and therefore environmentally-friendlier solution, it’s also highly technologically advanced, offering high-performance in a great many fields. Polysorb Isosorbide promotes noticeable improvements in areas such as high temperature resistance, (in this case, an increased glass transition temperature) as well as boosting clarity. It also improves mechanical performance without entailing major process changes.

Polysorb Isosorbide has been registered with the European Chemical Agency, as per the European Union’s REACH regulation. To find out more about how this substance and bio-based plasticizers like Polysorb ID are manufactured, why not have a look at the relevant sections on the Roquette website, or simply contact the company directly by means of their online form?