Shipbuilding - Marine engineering

Marine industry

Marine industry and shipbuilding are generally concentrated in the port areas of the country. Marine industry activities include all the aspects related to port facilities in infrastructure and other shipbuilding. Shipbuilding or marine engineering is for its part, reserved exclusively for shipyards which are large companies with regard to ships freight (cargo ships, container ships, […]

Ulstein launches new X-BOW Blue Ship

After the delivery, January 19, of Blue Fighter, the Norwegian shipyard Ulstein Verft has set afloat, May 9, the second Platform Supply Vessel (PSV) of the type PX121. ordered  such as by Blue Ship Invest, Blue Prosper measures 83.4 meters long and 18 meters wide. Featuring a deadweight of 4200 tons, this ship, which adopts […]

The new behemoth of Subsea 7 reaches the Netherlands

Designed to work offshore in very deep water, the Seven Borealis, new flagship of Subsea 7, arrived in Rotterdam where it will be finished before being delivered to its owner. Built by the Sembawang shipyards in Singapore, the ship was originally commissioned by Nordic Heavy Lift Company, then was taken over by Subsea 7, which […]

STX Finland delivers a polar research vessel to South Africa

STX Rauma  Sites, Finland, delivered the Agulhas II in the South African Department of Environmental Affairs. Ordered in late 2009 to 116 million euros, the polar research vessel measures 12,000 tons 134 meters long and 21.7 meters wide. Capable of speeds of 14 knots and sailing at 5 knots in an ice thickness of a […]