The cruise ship MSC Divina returned yesterday morning at St. Nazaire. He had left the day before the Loire estuary for a second series of sea trials during the first season of 12 to 15 April, STX France  engineers, where it was built, had found a brief heating on one of the two shafts of the vessel.

On his return to Saint-Nazaire, the MSC Divina was spent in dry dock, to check his equipments. The second boat trip, lasting 24 hours, was intended to verify that the ship’s propulsion plant was fully operational. The third unit of the Fantasia class, MSC Divina will be delivered next Saturday in the Swiss-Italian company MSC Cruises and baptized on May 26 in Marseille after a pre-inaugural journey of a week.

333 meters long and having a gauge of 139,400 tons, the ship has 1,739 cabins. A fourth and final ship of this type, the MSC Preziosa, is currently under construction at STX France. Delivery is scheduled in March 2013.